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Seattle Cop Shoots Deaf Man Who Could Not Hear Order

Filed under Police Abuse Videos on March 15, 2011

Police Brutality Videos – Use of Deadly Force

Video Title: Dashcam video of Seattle police shooting

Caution: Extremely disturbing; man is shot and killed just off camera.

August 30, 2010. A Seattle Washington police officer shoots and kills a Native American woodcarver who was walking across the street carrying a block of carving wood and a legal knife. The officer sees the man, stops his squad car and yells at the man to drop the knife several times before fatally shooting him.?Ǭ The man was partially deaf and wearing earphones so, according to witnesses, it didn?ǨѢt appear as though he even heard the officer?ǨѢs commands before that officer opened fire, striking him in the back and the side.

Initial press releases from the police stated that the officer fired when the man rushed towards him with the knife.?Ǭ As can be heard and seen on the video there were eye witnesses to refute the officer’s story, which he later recanted.?Ǭ The knife was found closed on the ground near the victims’ body. It was not even opened.

When police go too far, they often lie about the events. We hold them accountable.

There are many questions that must be asked when investigating the use of force during an arrest. Lawyers for law enforcement officials will attempt to show you were doing something that was suspicious, dangerous or illegal, and that you are at fault for your injuries, because you did something to make the amount of force they used reasonable.

Law enforcement officials are supposed to honor your rights — but they are not legal advocates for defending your civil rights. That is what attorneys do. Departments and officers often attempt to hide the truth, cover facts — or worse — lie to protect their officers. We will look at all the circumstances of your case, to fairly assess, if the police violated your civil rights.

We protect you:

  • Were you stopped, frisked, questioned, or had your vehicle searched for a valid reason, or were you a target of racial profiling?
  • Was the force used by police unreasonable or unnecessary, given the circumstances of the events?
  • Was the incident unwarranted or unprovoked?
  • Were weapons, including a gun, taser, baton, night stick, or police dogs used, and was their use unnecessary or unreasonable?
  • Was the officer(s) properly trained, and did they follow department rules? Did any of those involved, or the department they represented, have a history of brutality?
  • Did police go too far, or make threats, or inappropriate, or racist remarks?
  • Were you injured, or was anyone killed?

Our skilled attorneys work closely with clients, to examine the circumstances of their case, and determine how a reasonable police officer would have acted, under the same circumstances. We are dedicated to handling a broad range of civil rights cases, and securing full and fair compensation for our clients, for police brutality claims, including those involving:

  • Weapons: Guns, batons, night sticks, tasers, pepper spray, and tear gas
  • Use of excessive force (beating, kicking, punching, body or head slamming, etc.)
  • Police dogs
  • Handcuffs
  • Choke holds and take-downs
  • Crowd control

Police Brutality ? Use of Deadly Force Lawyers ? Pennsylvania ? New Jersey ? Toll Free 1-800-731-4687

Citizens should never have to live in fear of overzealous police officers like the one shown in the disturbing video above.?Ǭ If someone you love was murdered by the police, contact our police brutality attorneys today, for a free case evaluation, with an attorney who cares. We represent victims’ families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in cases involving deadly force by police officers, state troopers, prison guards, and other law enforcement officials.

Our Philadelphia, PA civil rights law firm litigates cases involving police brutality and police abuse of civilians and prison inmates throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey including the cities of Philadelphia, Doylestown, Media, West Chester, Norristown, Drexel Hill, King of Prussia, Darby, Sharon Hill, Bridgeport, Flourtown, Camden, Jersey City, Newark, and other communities in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County and Camden County.


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